by Patrick Stack

Tricolour audio

The tricolour is the name Irish people give to the national flag of green, white and orange (or gold, as it is sometimes called). This poem was written during the disastrous 1997-2007 decade when successive Fianna Fáil lead governments dismantled the social structure in Ireland, enriching themselves and their corporate cronies and impoverishing the citizens of the nation in the process. These criminals were responsible in large part for the fallout from the crash that followed and have never been brought to book for it. This is one of the reasons why Fianna Fáil should never again be allowed near government, a second being the total shambles the 1977-1981 Fianna Fáil government made of the country which caused the recession of the 1980s.

The poem itself is a series of stanzas written in strict haiku format and was first published on my blog in April 2008. It is taken from my first poetry collection, The Parting (2013).
It opens with a quotation from the Proclamation of the Irish Republic which was read out on the steps of the General Post Office on the then Sackville Street, Dublin by Patrick H. Pearse on Monday 24 April 1916 at the start of what became known as The Easter Rising against British Rule in Ireland. The ideals expressed in this historic document have never been realised in the century since independence from Britain, due in part to the post-independence counter-revolution spear-headed by the Roman Catholic Church and reactionary conservatism against the republican movement and the forces fighting for progress and social justice. Right-wing conservatism won the day and Ireland has been in thrall ever since. Despite strides being made in recent years to correct the imbalance, much remains to be done and Ireland remains a republic in name only.
This recording was made on 25 June 2020.

Tricolour (excerpt) by Patrick Stack

Excerpt from ‘Tricolour’

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