The Day the Revolution Came - Canto I

by Patrick Stack

The Day the Revolution Came – Canto I audio

The Day the Revolution Came was started on 25 March 2010 and took over five years to complete. Seeing that the much-needed revolution in Ireland was not going to take place any time soon, I decided to enact one in the imagination in the hope that this act would eventually have some effects on the physical plane. The poem is written in three-line stanzas and divided into seven (7) Cantos and comes to 318 lines in all.
The first Canto was published online in issue #15 of Outburst Magazine on 04 April 2015. The entire poem was published in my second poetry collection, Rage (Revival Press, 2017).
This recording of Canto 1 was made on 13 July 2020.

The Day the Revolution Came - Canto I (first four stanzas) by Patrick Stack

Beginning of Canto I of ‘The Day the Revolution Came’

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