The Crash

by Patrick Stack

The Crash audio

The Crash recounts a late night walk through the Los Remedios district of Seville, Spain. It is divided into sections, each named according to its location. Padre Damián is a street which bisects Bejar perpendicularly; Virgen de Luján is one of the main boulevards in the district. La Placita means ‘the little square’ while ‘trajes‘ refers to the traditional flamenco dresses worn by the women at the famed Feria de Abril. Albero is the name for the reddish-brown clay ubiquitous in the district, while ‘de golpe‘ means ‘suddenly.’
The poem, a sequence of stanzas in strict haiku format, dates to 1989 and is taken from my first poetry collection, The Parting (2013). This recording was made on 08 July 2020.

The Crash (excerpt) by Patrick Stack

Excerpt from ‘The Crash’

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