The Betrayal

by Patrick Stack

The Betrayal audio

The Betrayal refers to the Irish Green Party, of which I was a member at the time, going into the coalition with Fianna Fáil who had just wrecked the economy and society for the second time in my life time. This was in 2007. I was disgusted, not only because Fianna Fáil are the devil incarnate of Irish Politics, but because a large swathe of Green Party members who lived in the West of Ireland were effectively disenfranchised. I resigned in protest and never rejoined. Now, they have done the same – only this time they are propping up both Fianna Fáil and their traditional enemies Fine Gael whose neo-liberal policies have created the biggest housing crisis in our history, and done untold damage to the fabric of society. The Greens have proved once and for all that they are a right-wing party. Fuck them! The poem is taken from my first collection, The Parting (2013).
This recording was made on 25 June 2020.

The Betrayal (full text) by Patrick Stack

Full text of ‘The Betrayal’

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