Revoluton Poem

Cantos I-III recorded 13 November 2011

The Day the Revolution Came

The Day the Revolution Came, whose working title was the Revolution Poem, took five and a half years to write and constitutes 315 lines in seven Cantos in its final form. This recording was made on completion of the first three Cantos back in November 2011.

The entire poem was read by the poet at the launch of his Rage collection in Nelly’s Corner Café, Limerick in June 2017, and was recorded by Limerick Writers’ Centre. You can listen to it here.

Recorded by the poet on 13 November 2011.
Visuals were added by Basil McHerb, and music is by Mozart.

Publication History

  • Canto I appeared in Outburst Magazine Issue 15 (4 April 2015)
  • The complete poem is available in Rage, Patrick Stack’s second collection (June 2017).

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