ÓBhéal Reading

12 March 2018

OBheal Reading

The OBheal reading by guest poet Patrick Stack took place on Monday 12 March 2018 at The Long Valley pub in Cork city where Ó Bhéal customarily hold their weekly poetry readings. This audio recording was made by them and is hosted on their website.
Patrick Stack read a selection of poems from his first two collections – “The Parting” and “Rage.”
The poems read were the following in order:

  1. ‘Draoi’ (from The Parting)
  2. ‘Canção Lisboeta’ (from The Parting)
  3. ‘O My Dark Rosaleen’ (from The Parting)
  4. ‘Full Moon over America’ (from The Parting)
  5. ‘Shower’ (from Rage)
  6. ‘Beauty’ (from Rage)
  7. ‘The Blooding’ (from Rage)
  8. ‘Leftovers’ (from Rage)
  9. ‘Gametes’ (from Rage)
  10. ‘O’ (from Rage)
  11. ‘Oh’ (from Rage)
  12. ‘Semana Santa, Sevilla 2016’ (from Rage)
  13. ‘Holy Week, Seville 2016’ (from Rage)
  14. ‘Seachtain na Cásca, Seville 2016’ (from Rage)

OBheal reading

Thanks to Ó Bhéal for recording the reading.

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