Recorded on 9 April 2008


Our lovechild is dead
never a chance to come out of your womb
never a chance to draw breath

Who quenched the flame
the thirst for existence
never to be nourished on your milk

never to be named
Who to blame
that the death of her birth go unspoken?


Your breasts are much smaller
I sucked them for pleasure
set a white flame at your clitoris

Did we really love so

Launch of the Revival Poetry Journal Issue 7, recorded in The Whitehouse, O’Connell St., Limerick, on Wednesday the 9th April 2008.
(Note: the recording was accidentally curtailed so the second half is missing).
Courtesy of Ó Bhéal.

Publication History

  • Revival Poetry Journal Issue 7 (9 April 2008)
  • The Parting – Patrick Stack’s debut collection (April 2013).

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