Lament for Viking Dublin

by Patrick Stack

Lament for Viking Dublin audio

Lament for Viking Dublin is a protest at the desecration and corporate vandalism committed upon Wood Quay, the most important Viking find in Europe in the mid 1970s. Ignoring a massive public campaign to preserve the site, the powers-that-be instead destroyed it and built a concrete monstrosity on top. Sam Stephenson was the architect of the said bunker which they grandly titled the Dublin Civic Offices. This blot on the cityscape dwarfs the beautiful 11th century Christchurch Cathedral nearby.
The goons in suits responsible for the above atrocity continue to rule the roost in furtherance of their pursuit of ‘wealth’ by which they mean money which they value above all else on this earth, for they know the price of everything but the value of nothing. The fruits of their distorted creed are everywhere to be seen in Ireland today – corruption at the highest levels, a grossly underfunded public health system, the largest school class sizes in Europe, and a thriving old-boys network of sleveens and gombeens in government.
The poem itself is a senryū triplet and is taken from my first poetry collection, The Parting (2013).

Lament for Viking Dublin by Patrick Stack

Full text of ‘Lament for Viking Dublin’

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