Equinoctial Colure

by Patrick Stack

Equinoctial Colure audio

Equinoctial Colure is a selection of haiku, Senryū and Tanka poems set to sound effects in the background. The title of the poem is an astronomical and astrological term for the celestial sphere. The individual haiku, senryū were written at various times during the 1980s and 1990s in Ireland, Sierra Leone and Spain.

The word “poyo” in the first line of the first senryū (third stanza) is the Krio word for ‘palm wine’ which is naturally fermented liquid tapped from the palm trees in Sierra Leone.

The poem was published in Patrick Stack’s first collection ‘The Parting‘ (Amethyst Dragon, 2013).

Equinoctial Colure - extract

Extract from Equinoctial Colure

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