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Draoi fuaime

Fóilsíodh an dán seo in irisleabhar Crannóg 29 (Earrach 2012) agus i mo chéad chnúasach filíochta, The Parting (Amethyst Dragon, 2013).

Rinneadh an taifead seo i dtigh an file ar an t-ochtú lá de Mí Bealtaine, 2020.

This poem, whose title is the Irish for druid, first appeared in Crannóg magazine no.29 in the Spring of 2012 and is published in my first collection, The Parting. It is an invocation to the three Druidic elements and an affirmation of paganism in preference to the Abrahamic traditions.

Draoi le Patrick Stack

An téacs iomlán de Draoi

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