Recorded in May 2010


[for Brendan O’Beirne, poet, 1943-2010]

Woken along with dream water standing
luxurious acropolis of forest – fir and teak
pine needles cracking in the blaze
that we had lit
having cleared a long narrow stetch of stump
facing South-East when comes prevaling wind
and sun posthaste at this increment of cycle

It had been a strange night
with the storm as over Kono
lashed electric fire bolts
whipping to praeter-murk the dense din
denned in dark heart
the huddled figments unhuman
bare and brittle with fear

We cleared the runway
its stubble plucked out
of the filigreed ground and built
unto pyre as a homing beacon
to the pigeon Craolaig
torching the sky with sound
to drown the stars

No moon to fugue the great-boled trees
but then appeared in slivered livery
to silver what casual cloudscapes
could be seen by the observer
summoning hounds fleet as the horn
blown to resound in bays
Awaiting Craolaig’s pterodactyl sleigh
we drank deeply of the lethe night
flame-dappled in perpetual motion from the dance


And leaving there in a wheeling trance
I came to a stream and drank deeply
of the nimble crystals’ trickling tincture
wherein high dragon oaths were sworn in bond

I leave this field where brooding lusts roam hugely
to hold sway overtures of bud-bronzed
battlefields beetling with throngs in howl
their death pain plagiarist plaques ensconced
where generals make love with foe
their bloodied roses ripe for the rape
wreak habits on the slave

My death! My foe! My target!
Menstrual minstrel ministering to me
to midgets of the spirit masturbating
messages to toad our wrestling bodies
Our wills locked in mutual exclusion
Our misanthropic malice mingled
with the shards of longing

Patrick Stack performs his poem “Bringlóid” (which means ‘dream’ in Irish Gaelic) at the Friday night open mic session in The New Kingdom Bar, Listowel at Writers’ Week 2010.

Publication History

  • The Parting – Patrick Stack’s debut collection (April 2013).

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