13 ::: The Tenderness of Knives


Publisher: Amethyst Dragon, Ennis, Ireland
ISBN: 978-1-9161531-0-3
Covers: 350gsm silk, gloss laminated
Content: 170gsm silk
Pages: 84 + covers
Binding: Perfect Bound
Book design: Patrick Stack
Cover design:  Patrick Stack
Cover layout: Little Bird Design

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About “13 ::: The Tenderness of Knives”

The themes explored in “13 ::: The Tenderness of Knives” include lust, love, longing, and the duality and seeming paradoxes of existence as experienced through the emotional self.

The collection is dual in both its structure and make-up: ‘13‘ is based loosely on the Qabalastic Tree of Life, mimics the creation, represents what is above and is written entirely in calligraphy; ‘The Tenderness of Knives‘ starts at the back with a poem in Arabic, reads from right to left, uses typeface and represents what is below.

As the author puts it in his preface “There are only two themes, namely sex and death, which in essence are one and the same, the little and the great. Everything is sacred, and nothing is. Mired in duality we long for unity.

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Dimensions 153 × 6 × 229 mm


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Contents of 13

Contents of ’13’

Contents of The Tenderness of Knives

Contents of ‘The Tenderness of Knives’

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