Blogging is hard work when you are so busy you feel you don’t have time to scratch. Under these circumstances, blogging feels like a chore, when in fact it should never feel like that. So, it’s time for an attitude change on my part so as to remove the “blogging is hard work” and “blogging is a chore” from my mental scape. I first started blogging back in the early 2000s – I don’t remember the exact year – ostensibly to improve my writing fluency. I have Maura McHugh of Splinister to thank for introducing me to the activity. And I never looked back, at least not for a very long while! In fact, I took to it like the proverbial duck to water and was soon posting several times a week. It certainly did have the effect of improving my fluency when it came to the keyboard, not that I had been a slow typist mind. Far from it! I first taught myself to type using all ten fingers on a battered old typewriter my father had procured for me from a local typing pool that was upgrading its equipment. This was in 1974 when the invention of the PC was still some five years in the future! Little did I know how incredibly useful being able to type with all ten fingers would prove to be for me!  



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