Patrick Stack

poet - programmer - performance artist - polyglot

Patrick Stack is a long-standing active member of The Poetry Collective whose website he manages. He has had poems published in various (maga)zines in Ireland and Australia. Stack’s poetry has been described variously as “experimental” (by John W. Sexton), “often shocking” (by Fred Johnston), “confessional yet polemic … [and] cutting edge” (by Arthur Watson), and the poet himself described as “a prophet” (by Arthur Broomfield) and “an enigma with variations … a Sci-Fi Nature poet dwelling in the surreal landscape of the human mind!” (by Arthur Watson).  Stack’s contemporary Irish poetry is all of these and more. Indeed, the multitude of themes explored, the wealth of forms used, and the breadth of language employed makes Stack’s poetry difficult to label.

While the bulk of his poems are written in English, he also composes in Irish, Spanish and West African Krio, and recently wrote his first poem in Arabic which language he has been learning for the past couple of years.
As Arthur Watson says in his launch of  Stack’s third collection13 ::: The Tenderness of Knives‘ – “As an intuitive linguist, [his] beguiling use of language is deceptively skillful, appearing simplistic yet truly often profound. His style is like a new metaphysical poet yet also a shape-shifter as he morphs into postmodern abstraction, then existential/anarchic, then surreal/absurd, then finally mythic shaman poet healer…


Some videos of readings done at various venues.


Patrick Stack’s poetry collections.


Audio recordings of poems by Patrick Stack read by the poet himself.


Performance pieces by Patrick Stack as part of the Poetry Collective’s MUXZ Projects.

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